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5 tips for setting your 2022 real estate marketing budget

Fri, 2021-10-01 15:13

Expectations are higher than ever, and clients are not going back to the pre-pandemic ways of doing business, which means you need to step up your marketing game. How will you move forward and budget accordingly? The answer lies within your business plan. Here are five tips for setting your 2022 marketing budget.

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Painted to the Nines - The Wall Street Journal

Fri, 2021-10-01 15:02

Painted to the Nines  The Wall Street Journal

Categories: London Real Estate

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Is your online presence on point? Here’s how to find out

Fri, 2021-10-01 14:25

It’s more imperative now than ever to put your best foot forward and optimize all aspects of your online messaging about yourself and your business. Here’s what you need to do to expand your online presence and get the most from your digital marketing efforts.

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Nurses and Teachers Settling for Less to Keep Costs Down

Fri, 2021-10-01 14:03

As rents have become vastly more expensive over the last few years with an already scarce supply of affordable housing, it might surprise some to learn that certain vital lower-income professions—namely nurses and teachers—are actually able to keep their overall housing costs well below the recommended 30% of total income.

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Senate Approves New CFPB Director

Fri, 2021-10-01 14:01

Rohit Chopra is the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) director, his nomination approved 50-48 with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.

Prior to the new role, Chopra filled a Democrat seat on the Federal Trade Commission, becoming an FTC commissioner in 2018. Before that, he was appointed as the CFPB’s student loan ombudsman in 2011.

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The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance Celebrates First Anniversary of Launch

Fri, 2021-10-01 14:00

The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance (The Alliance) is celebrating the first anniversary of its launch, having attracted more than 1,700 members, partnerships with the leading companies, brands and REALTOR® associations and a long list of achievements in its first 12 months.

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Showingly proves itself a comprehensive tool for showing property: Tech review

Fri, 2021-10-01 13:59

Showingly is an app for multiple listing services, brokerages, agents and consumers to use when searching for homes, scheduling showings and integrating listing activity into day-to-day business.

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